ASTM D800-05(2014)

Standard Test Methods of Chemical Analysis of Industrial Metal Cleaning Compositions

STANDARD published on 1.1.2014

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: ASTM D800-05(2014)
: 1.1.2014
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ASTM D800-05(2014) :

These test methods describe the procedures for the chemical analysis of industrial metal cleaning compositions in solid, paste, or liquid form. These cleaning compositions may contain caustic alkalies, silicates, phosphates, chromates, carbonates, bicarbonates, borates, sulfates, sulfites, nitrates, chlorides, soaps, rosin, sulfonated wetting agents, anti-foaming agents, organic bases, organic solvents, organic coupling agents, and sometimes inorganic acid salts or organic acids. Percentage of total sodium oxide, percentage of potassium oxide, percentage of free sodium hydroxide, percentage of water, percentage of losses, percentage of matter insoluble in alcohol, percentage of fatty acids, percentage of rosin, percentage of synthetic detergent or wetting agent, percentage of silica, percentage of phosphorus pentoxide, percentage of carbon dioxide, percentage of sodium chloride, percentage of sodium sulfate, and percentage of volatile hydrocarbons test methods shall be performed to conform with the specified requirements.

ICS Number Code 71.100.40 (Surface active agents)