ASTM D8275-21

Standard Specification for Gasoline-like Test Fuel for Compression-Ignition Engines

STANDARD published on 1.1.2021

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: ASTM D8275-21
: 1.1.2021
: 10
: 30 g (0.07 )
Category: Technical standards ASTM

ASTM D8275-21 :

alcohol, automotive fuel, copper strip corrosion, corrosion, distillation, driveability, ethanol, ether, fuel, gasoline, gasoline-alcohol blend, gasoline compression-ignition, gasoline compression-ignition engine fuel, gasoline-ethanol blend, gasoline-ether blend, gasoline-oxygenate blend, induction period, lead, methanol, MTBE, oxidation stability, oxygenate, oxygenate detection, phosphorous, solvent-washed gum, spark-assisted gasoline compression-ignition, sulfur, unleaded fuel