ČSN EN 16766 (659810)

Bio-based solvents - Requirements and test methods

STANDARD published on 1.6.2018

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: ČSN EN 16766
: 659810
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: 1.6.2018
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ČSN EN 16766 (659810):

This European Standard sets the requirements for bio-based solvents in terms of their bio-based content, their technical properties and test methods. It lays down the characteristics and details for assessment of bio-based solvents that: - are fit for purpose in terms of performance related properties; - comply with the health, safety and environmental requirements which apply generally to solvents; and - are derived from biomass. This European Standard specifies solvent classes, based on the percentage of bio-based carbon content and bio-based content. NOTE: EN 16575 defines the term "bio-based" as derived from biomass and clarifies that "bio-based" does not imply "biodegradable". In addition, "biodegradable" does not necessarily imply the use of "bio-based" material. In addition, this document sets requirements on information to be provided regarding sustainability aspects