ČSN EN 62656-5 (013746)

Standardized product ontology register and transfer by spreadsheets - Part 5: Interface for activity description

STANDARD published on 1.3.2018

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: ČSN EN 62656-5
: 013746
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: 1.3.2018
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ČSN EN 62656-5 (013746):

This part of IEC 62656 specifies a method for representing activities and relations among the activities by a tabular ontology representation, called "parcellized activity model" or PAM for short, which is a specialized use of a generic tabular ontology data model, known as the parcellized ontology model (POM) defined in Part 1 of the IEC 62656 series. The activities that can be described by this document include part or whole of an enterprise, an organization or a collection of services, a set of events or processes which interact with each other by exchanging physical or non-physical entities. This part of IEC 62656 also defines a method for uniquely identifying activities, or their homologues happenings in a certain sequence. In addition, this document identifies flows of information, objects or materials exchanged among activities, where each of the activities is represented by a class and each flow by a relation