ČSN EN ISO/ASTM 52950 (011810)

Additive manufacturing - General principles - Overview of data processing

STANDARD published on 1.8.2021

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: 1.8.2021
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ČSN EN ISO/ASTM 52950 (011810):

This document covers the principal considerations which apply to data exchange for additive manufacturing. It specifies terms and definitions which enable information to be exchanged describing geometries or parts such that they can be additively manufactured. The data exchange method outlines file type, data enclosed formatting of such data and what this can be used for. This document - enables a suitable format for data exchange to be specified, - describes the existing developments for additive manufacturing of 3D geometries, - outlines existing file formats used as part of the existing developments, and - enables understanding of necessary features for data exchange, for adopters of this document