ČSN EN ISO 14026 (010926)

Environmental labels and declarations - Principles, requirements and guidelines for communication of footprint information

STANDARD published on 1.4.2019

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: ČSN EN ISO 14026
: 010926
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: 1.4.2019
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ČSN EN ISO 14026 (010926):

This document belongs to a suite of standards dealing with environmental labels and declarations for products. It provides requirements and guidelines for how environmental aspects and potential environmental impacts of a product related to a specific area of concern can be communicated. The aim of this document is to ensure that only valid, science-based and comparable purchasing information is provided without any "greenwashing". Footprint communication is intended solely to promote the dissemination of credible product information that is not misleading. Footprint communications take into consideration the local or regional context relevant to the area where the potential environmental impacts might occur, including the production, use and end-of-life stages. This document is intended to ensure that all footprint communications, regardless of the quantification methodology, follow the same principles and procedures. This document provides principles, requirements and guidelines for an organization wishing to make a product footprint communication