About us

About us

The company NORMSERVIS was founded in 1990 with „legal status of natural person“. We transformed the company into a limited liability company in 2001. At the beginning our goal was to provide starting entrepreneurs from the Highland region with information regarding the technical normalization field. Gradually, we have extended our activity throughout the Czech Republic. Our products and services have been used even by significant industrial companies e.g. ČEZ, ŠKODA, VÍTKOVICE, Arcelor Mittal Ostrava, ŽĎAS, TOKOZ, Třinecké železárny, HOLCIM, Ferona, Siemens and many others. Among our customers, you can also find foreign companies from Austria, Italy, Germany, Canada, USA, Mexico and Slovakia. Nowadays, we have served more than 20,000 customers.

We suppose you can use results of our work even in your company with:
  • Simplification and price reduction of normalization activity
  • Documentation management in quality systems in accordance with ISO
  • Need of information about metallurgical materials
  • Substitutes of metallurgical materials
  • Production according to domestic and foreign documentation
  • Schooling

Based on customers´demand the activity of our company gradually crystallized into the following areas:
  • Supply and update of domestic and foreign standards (ČSN, TŽ, TPG, TDG, TNI, TD, TNV, PNE, HŽ) Germany, Great Britain, Austria, France, Italy, USA and ISO.
  • Supply and update of domestic legislative regulations from the Code of laws.
  • Creation and publishing of technical manuals.
  • Creation and development of software.

You will surely appreciate our effort to unify every version of all products and services because as a result it has had a positive influence on price, simplification and higher accuracy of work. Furthermore, in the case of software, it united the way of operating and installing, reducing expenses on purchases and operation of supportive software systems, united version for local and network fitting, ensured unified way of updates and united requirements on hardware.

When creating and updating products and services we actively co-operate with ÚNMZ Praha, Třinecké železárny Třinec, Hutnictví železa Praha, Energoprojekt Praha, GAS Praha a Arcelor Mittal Ostrava. We are members of Czech Chamber of Commerce and members of Czech Society of Technical Normalization.

You will be given a significant price discount when ordering more copies of manuals, management of a higher amount of technical standards or legislative regulations, delivery of more software licenses or purchasing more types of software. Lower prices are guaranteed for standards as long as we receive their order in an electronic form from our e-Shop or from software EviNor.

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