The Principles of the Use of Cookies

What are cookies:

To improve the services provided for you our website uses cookies. Cookies are small files which save information in your browser and which are usually used to recognize the user. However, the person of the user is not identifiable with such information.
Cookies thus help e.g.:

  • ensure correct function of our website to allow completing the purchasing process with as little problems as possible;
  • remember logins of our customers so they need not enter them again and again;
  • find which website and functions are used most often by the visitors; based on that we can adjust our offer to your requirements best;
  • us find which advertisements are viewed most often by the visitors so that they could see different advertisement each time when browsing the website, and so that they did not have to see advertisements for goods which they are not interested in.

You can find more general information on cookies e.g. here.

Which cookies we use:

Cookies used at our website may be divided in two basic types, based on their durability. Short-term, „session cookies“ which are only temporary and which are kept in your browser until you close it, and long-term, „persistent cookies“, which are kept in your device much longer , or until you remove them manually (time for which cookies are kept in your device depends on settings of the cookie and settings of your browser.

Based on function, which the cookies execute, they may be classified as follows:

  • conversion, which allow us analyzing performance of various selling channels;
  • tracking which help analyze performance of various selling channels when combined with the conversion ones;
  • remarketing, which we use to personalize contents of the advertisements and their right focus;
  • analytical, which help us increase user comfort of our website through understanding how the users use it;
  • essential, which are important for basic function of the website.

Some cookies may gather information which is subsequently used by third parties and which, for example, directly support our advertising activities („third parties’ cookies“). E.g. information on products purchased by visitors may be displayed at our website by an advertising agency, to allow us better adjusting of internet advertising banners at the websites viewed by you. However, it is not possible to identify you with use of such data.

We use the following cookies at our website:

Publisher / Name of cookie Type
AdWords Tracking, Remarketing
Facebook Tracking, Remarketing
Google Analytics Analytical, Tracking
Smartsupp Analytical, Tracking
eucookie Essential
Heureka Tracking, Conversion
Sklik Tracking, Remarketing
Zbozi Tracking, Conversion

How to reject the use of cookies

The use of cookies may be adjusted in your internet browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies in default settings. Cookies may be rejected through your web browser or, adjusted for use of some cookies only.

Information on browsers and setting of preferences for cookies may be found at the websites listed below:

Internet Explorer

An efficient tool for cookie administration is also available at the website

By using this website you agree with this way of cookies processing.

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We need your consent to use the individual data so that you can see information about your interests, among other things.