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Most of the norms you can buy from us are the electronic versions. You may obtain these documents within 20 minutes during our working hours. They will be sent via e-mail or through our website to you.

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Should you need any advice you may choose from a few options of how to contact us. Contact us on-line or simply give us a call at 566 621 759. You can also send us an e-mail to eshop@mystandards.biz.

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Have a look at our customers´ opinions. They are not adjusted in any way and are kept as received in our e-mail in their original format. Click on „Display opinions“ and read them.

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Technical standards

Due to the fact that we have become the contracting partner of many significant companies from countries all over the world dealing with technical standards publishing, we can offer very prompt terms of delivery and also the most favourable prices on the market.


Publications on offer are technical standards and they are used primarily by technical workers and in management fields. The standards include textbooks for technical branches (such as building industry, mechanical engineering, electrical) as well as various licenses and diaries (Crane device diary, Crane license, Slinger license). Those publications help you obtain information about ferrous and nonferrous materials are „highly appreciated“.

You will find more than 3800 technical publications on this offer:


We offer solutions which enable you to use valid and updated technical standards and acts i.e. including all amendments and corrections. In case a document in no longer valid, we will provide you with its replacement without you having to be worried and concerned about necessary monitoring of various kinds of data. We will also verify the validity of your standards (acts) and will provide you with a regular automatic update. This service is guaranteed to both, customers who are interested in receiving the standards (acts) as well as to those who only wish to receive information about their validity.

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Austrian ÖNORM Standards (2017-10-30)

Dear customer, we are pleased to announce that we can provide you with standards published by our southern neighbour. Austrian technical ÖNORM standards are available in our eshop now. Read more ...

PF2017 (2016-12-22)

Thank you for your cooperation. We wish you nice and merry Christmas, good luck, sound health and a lot of personal and business success in the new year 2017. Read more ...

DIN standards - delivered immediately (2016-04-19)

After ordering and paying for the standards, you will receive an email containing a link to our website, where you will be able to download the standards immediately. Read more ...

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