Nový eShop vytvořený nejmodernější technologií

Dear customers,

the brand new, redesigned and fully equipped internet shop, Normservis s.r.o., has been launched since 12th April 2014.

Responsive eshop NORMSERVIS s.r.o.

Web for all devices

The new e-shop is able to adjust to any device from cell phones, to tablets or large desktop monitors.

What is responsive web design?

A responsive web design is a special way of styling HTML pages. Depending on the kind of the device, the page will be adopted to the device you are using currently for browsing. The layout of the page fits perfectly to the width of the screen thanks to responsive design.

Try a new search

Try a new search

A brand new search is waiting for you in the upper part of the site. Enter the required goods in the particular box. At the same time, during search the standard will be sorted according to the grade of standard (ČSN, ČSNEN, DIN, ASTM etc.) and according to the standard number and a sorting feature, such as ČSN 45020 or just 45020. You can enter the search with gaps, eventually without gaps.

If you find suitable goods, it is possible to narrow down the selection to the standards applicable in a particular country, certain year of publishing, even according to the grade of standard (publisher).

More information about classical search

Test advaced search

Test advanced search

Cannot find the goods in a classical search? Visit the page of advanced search and look for the demanded goods according to specified parameters. You can search according to various criteria which are possible to combine. You can also search according to the international classification of ICS.

More information about advanced search

Search according to the branches

Search according to the branches

Cannot find an appropriate product or you do not know its title? Try the search according to the branches. Enter the name of the issue you are looking for in the search box on the page "search according to branches". You can search "windows", "doors", "construction industry" and others. The keywords will be highlighted in yellow.

More information about search according to branches

SSL secure

Security above all

Our site uses the most secure technology in the world. The certificate SSL, which protects your personal data, is applied to our web.

SSL is a protocol that provides data encryption and server authentication thanks to digital certificates. You can see you are connected to a secure website using SSL according to the page address which includes extra letter "s", for example:

More information about SSL security

American Express

American express payment

Using your American Express credit card (AMEX) is a simple and secure method to pay for your order.

The correctness of your data will be verified directly by American Express Company after sending your order. As soon as the data are verified, your order will be processed.

QR code

QR code for faster navigation

You can find a QR code for every product. The code consists of black and white blocks. The shapes – squares, which are created from these blocks, are recognized by QR code reader after scanning. The diagram carries the exact url address of a particular product. If you would like to read QR codes, your cell phone must be equipped with a camera and QR code reader. To view the web links or mobile pages, it is necessary to have the Internet access. Then, it is very simple to use. Activate the QR reader in your cell phone and focus on the image of QR code, the reader will scan the code. On the display, you can see the contents of the QR code. So, you can run the page anytime without typing its url address thanks to QR code.

Printing the page

Printing the page

You can print the details of every product without controls which are displayed on the page. No menu, footer or buttons are printed.

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We need your consent to use the individual data so that you can see information about your interests, among other things.