ČSN EN ISO 16371-2 (015097)

Non-destructive testing - Industrial computed radiography with storage phosphor imaging plates - Part 2: General principles for testing of metallic materials using X-rays and gamma rays

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STANDARD published on 1.5.2018

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Designation standards: ČSN EN ISO 16371-2
Classification mark: 015097
Catalog number: 504290
Publication date standards: 1.5.2018
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Country: Czech technical standard
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Non-destructive testing

Annotation of standard text ČSN EN ISO 16371-2 (015097):

This document specifies fundamental techniques of computed radiography with the aim of enabling satisfactory and repeatable results to be obtained economically. The techniques are based on the fundamental theory of the subject and tests measurements. This document specifies the general rules for industrial computed X-rays and gamma radiography for flaw detection purposes, using storage phosphor imaging plates (IP). It is based on the general principles for radiographic examination of metallic materials on the basis of films, as specified in ISO 5579. The basic set-up of radiation source, detector and the corresponding geometry are intended to be applied in accordance with ISO 5579 and corresponding product standards such as ISO 17636 for welding and EN 12681 for foundry. This document does not lay down acceptance criteria of the imperfections. Computed radiography (CR) systems provide a digital grey value image which can be viewed and evaluated on basis of a computer only. This practice describes the recommended procedure for detector selection and radiographic practice. Selection of computer, software, monitor, printer and viewing conditions are important but not the main focus of this document. The procedure it specifies provides the minimum requirements and practice to permit the exposure and acquisition of digital radiographs with a sensitivity of imperfection detection equivalent to film radiography and as specified in ISO 5579. Some application standards, e.g. EN 16407, can require different and less stringent practice conditions

These corrections apply to this standard:

ČSN EN ISO 16371-2:2018/Oprava1 (015097) Correction

Nedestruktivní zkoušení - Průmyslová počítačová radiografie s paměťovými luminiscenčními fóliemi - Část 2: Obecné zásady pro zkoušení kovových materiálů rentgenovým zářením a zářením gama (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

Correction published on 1.7.2018

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