ČSN EN ISO 16407-1 (018385)

Electronic fee collection - Evaluation of equipment for conformity to ISO 17575-1 - Part 1: Test suite structure and test purposes

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STANDARD published on 1.6.2018

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Designation standards: ČSN EN ISO 16407-1
Classification mark: 018385
Catalog number: 504469
Publication date standards: 1.6.2018
SKU: NS-848639
The number of pages: 122
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Country: Czech technical standard
Category: Technical standards ČSN

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Road transportIT applications in transport and trade

Annotation of standard text ČSN EN ISO 16407-1 (018385):

series of standards specifies a suite of tests in order to assess the Front End and Back End behaviour compliancy towards the requirements listed in ISO 17575-1. This document contains the definition of such tests in the form of test purposes, listing the required initial conditions, references and individual steps in a structured textual manner. Test purposes defined in this document reflect the structural and semantical requirements stated in ISO 17575-1: - presence/absence of particular data elements; - semantics related to various data elements: - data group General (see ISO 17575-1:2016, 7.3); - data group Security (see ISO 17575-1:2016, 7.4); - data group Contract (see ISO 17575-1:2016, 7.5); - data group Usage (see ISO 17575-1:2016, 7.6); - data group Account (see ISO 17575-1:2016, 7.7); - data group Versioning (see ISO 17575-1:2016, 7.8). With regard to the individual data sets and EFC attributes defined in ISO 17575-1, the test purposes have been organized into the test suite groups designated for the Front End and Back End, respectively. Besides the test purposes, this document also specifies proforma conformance test report templates for both the Front End and Back End test purposes. For more information regarding the requirements against which the conformance is evaluated in this document, see ISO 17575-1. Testing of the following behaviours and functionalities is outside of the scope of this document: - dynamic behaviour, i.e. sequence of messages and triggering events that can be exchanged/happen to fulfil certain charging scenarios; - profiles and business logic built on top of particular pricing schemas; - as ISO 17575-1 does not specify any Behaviour Invalid of Front End and Back End, BI test purposes are not applicable for any test purpose group

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