ČSN P CEN/TS 15531-5 (018234)

Public transport - Service interface for real-time information relating to public transport operations - Part 5: Functional service interfaces situation exchange: Situation Exchange

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STANDARD published on 1.11.2016

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Designation standards: ČSN P CEN/TS 15531-5
Classification mark: 018234
Catalog number: 500610
Publication date standards: 1.11.2016
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IT applications in transport and trade

Annotation of standard text ČSN P CEN/TS 15531-5 (018234):

Public transport services rely increasingly on information systems to ensure reliable, efficient operation and widely accessible, accurate passenger information. Well-defined, open interfaces have a crucial role in improving the economic and technical viability of Public Transport Information Systems of all kinds. Using standardised interfaces, systems can be implemented as discrete pluggable modules that can be chosen from a wide variety of suppliers in a competitive market, connecting diverse systems; rather than as monolithic proprietary systems from a single supplier. Interfaces also allow the systematic automated testing of each functional module, vital for managing the complexity of increasing large and dynamic systems. Furthermore, with a well-defined, version interface, individual functional modules can be replaced or evolved, without unexpected breakages of obscurely dependent function. The SIRI framework is a European Technical Specification that provides a specification for a number of functional interfaces that allow public transport data of specific types to be exchanged readily using structured interfaces. This further Technical Specification specifies an additional SIRI functional service to exchange incident and event information about disruptions to public transport between servers containing real-time public transport vehicle or journey time data. These include the control centres of transport operators as well as information systems that deliver passenger travel information services. This document describes the SIRI Situation Exchange service, one of a modular set of services for the exchange of Real-time information. The Situation Exchange service (SIRI-SX) is concerned with the exchange of planned events and un-planned incident data among systems, including incident capture, real-time management and dissemination systems. It is an additional functional service based on the European Technical Specification known as "SIRI" - Service Interface for Real-time Information. SIRI provides a framework for specifying communications and data exchange protocols for organisations wishing to exchange Real-time Information (RTI) relating to public transport operations. The specification for the base SIRI framework on which SIRI-SX is built is presented in three parts: a) context and framework, including background, scope and role, normative references, terms and definitions, sym-bols and abbreviations, business context and use cases (SIRI Part 1: EN 15531 1); b) the mechanisms to be adopted for data exchange communications links (SIRI Part 2: EN 15531 2); c) data structures for a series of individual application interface modules (SIRI Part 3: EN 15531 3): 1) Production Timetable (SIRI-PT); 2) Estimated Timetable (SIRI-ET); 3) Stop Timetable (SIRI-ST); 4) Stop Monitoring (SIRI-SM); 5) Vehicle Monitoring (SIRI-VM); 6) Connection Timetable (SIRI-CT); 7) Connection Monitoring (SIRI-CM); 8) General Message (SIRI-GM)

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