ČSN P CEN/TS 16555-7 (010130)

Innovation management - Part 7: Innovation Management Assessment

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STANDARD published on 1.1.2017

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Designation standards: ČSN P CEN/TS 16555-7
Classification mark: 010130
Catalog number: 501048
Publication date standards: 1.1.2017
SKU: NS-672516
The number of pages: 28
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Country: Czech technical standard
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Annotation of standard text ČSN P CEN/TS 16555-7 (010130):

This Technical Specification provides guidance on assessing the innovation management system (IMS) and its performance. It describes how organizations can create transparency internally on strengths and weaknesses in their innovation management system. This transparency can be used as a basis to develop effective actions to improve the innovation management capabilities and performance. Increased innovation management performance is essential for generating value for the organization, its network partners and key stakeholders. This Technical Specification provides guidance on: - various types of innovation management assessment approaches; - the generic process of an effective innovation management assessment; - elements of innovation management to assess, including the insights and the impact that can be gained from the innovation management assessment. By using this Technical Specification, organizations are guided to gain an overview of different innovation management assessment approaches. By knowing these approaches, organisations can design their innovation management assessment. The results of this innovation management assessment are therefore the basis to develop an action plan to improve the capabilities and performance of their innovation management on a continuous basis. This technical specification does not address: - recommendations on choosing specific tools for innovation management assessment; - the measures for improving innovation management performance; - specific benchmarks or scores for the various elements of innovation management; - the actual decision-making on improvements and their impact. This Technical Specification can be applied to any innovation management system. However, it is primarily intended to assess the innovation management system as defined in CEN/TS 16555-1. Annex B (normative) of CEN/TS 16555-7, includes the impact expected from an effective innovation management assessment on the innovation management system detailed in CEN/TS 16555-1. This Technical Specification is applicable to all organizations regardless of sector, type, age or size of the organization. However, specific focus has been placed on the applicability for small and medium-sized enterprises. This Technical Specification is not intended for certification purposes

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